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Privacy Policy 

We are aware that you may have concerns over disclosing information about yourself to us. 

This Privacy Statement explains, amongst other things, what information we collect about you on this website and the reasons for this.


Our primary aim in collecting personal information is to provide you with an experience on our website that is personalized by showing information that is relevant to you. 

We also collect information for statistical purposes and, where agreed by you, to offer you products and services that may be of interest to you. 

Information we collect 

As a rule, we don’t link IP addresses to anything that can identify you personally, ensuring you can remain anonymous. Nevertheless, we will attempt to use IP addresses to identify a user when we must protect our services and other users. 

Personal data 

Any personal data relating to you gathered by us in the registration process or during your use of the service will be recorded and only be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 

The website uses various order and registration forms to enable you to request information, products, and services. 

In some cases, you will need to provide us with information such as your name, e-mail address, and password. 

Any personal data we collect during registration or otherwise is designed to allow us to: 

If you register, request further information, or contact us, we may keep a record of that correspondence and incorporate the information it contains into our database(s), which we will keep secure in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. 

We will not transfer your personal data to any third parties unless: 

Internet security 

Our web server that hosts this site collects and stores personal information that has been voluntarily provided by you during a registration or ordering process. 

Access to certain areas of the site is limited to specific registered user groups only. Registering as an accepted applicant or active is restricted; we will verify your status before granting a user account of this type. If your status changes, then your user account may be withdrawn or downgraded to ‘general visitor’ without further notice. 

While we do not directly track or record your usage of this website, in the event that we become aware that site security has been compromised as a result of external activity (including but not limited to external security attacks), we shall take reasonable measures which we deem appropriate. This includes but is not limited to internal investigation and reporting and notification to and cooperation with law enforcement authorities. 

This privacy policy may not apply to you if we believe you are misusing the website or if we are required to disclose information by a court of law or other relevant body.

Third Party Sites 

Please be aware that some of the websites to which we provide links may collect personally identifiable information about you. We do not control these sites and are not responsible for the content or practices of third-party websites. This privacy policy does not cover such sites. 

Inquiries on the Data Protection policy may be addressed to our Management Team. 

Terms of Use 

We encourage you to post your comments on our Blog pages or any other page that requests information, like our Facebook page and/or Contact Us page. For comments that do not comply with these Terms of Use, we reserve the right to remove them. Our company reserves the right to reproduce, publish and use any and all parts of any posting in any way it sees fit. 

By accepting these Terms of Use, you agree not to post any material that a reasonable person would consider: 

We will not edit comments to remove objectionable content, so please ensure that your posting contains none of the above to avoid it being removed. 

Anyone posting a comment is deemed to accept the Website Owner’s use and publication thereof. Notwithstanding any moderation, The Website Owner cannot be held in any way responsible for the comments posted on our forums, including our Blog Page or any other page that collects information from an online visitor. No reliance should be placed on any comments, and nothing on this site should be seen as a substitute for formal legal advice. The Website Owner does not endorse, approve or promote any comments appearing on this site nor the authors thereof. 

The Website Owner will be alerted to all comments posted on the site. Anyone who violates the Terms of Use may be blocked from making future comments. 

While e-mail addresses can be provided during the process of registering for an account, they are not published for public viewing on the website or anywhere else with our website unless provided permission during the process of writing your message. They may be used by the administrator or post author to privately contact the commenter. 

From time to time, the Terms of Use may be updated or changed, so please make sure you check this page periodically. 

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